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Casinos will sometimes use a number of tricks that can put you at a disadvantage. Look them up before making a deposit:

Is there a maximum payout amount that you can win with bonus money? If there is a maximum payout amount, decide if you think it is reasonable. For example, there are casinos that pay out a maximum of € 100 in bonus money. Then you play with € 200 and receive only € 100. This is, of course, a bad deal. We also pulled this casino off our website. Also check carefully whether the wagering requirements only count towards the bonus money. Many casinos require you to also bet the amount of real money. It is of course much more beneficial if you only have to clear your bonus.

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View the general terms and conditions regarding the use of bonus money

  • A critical step that has unfortunately been forgotten by many players. You should review the terms and conditions regarding the wagering requirements (or wagering) of bonus money.
  • All casinos have a rule that bonus money must be wagered a certain number of times before it becomes real money (which can be cashed out). Typically, the wagering requirement is between 30x and 50x the bonus amount. But at some casinos, the bonus amount can go as high as 100x or even 200x, making it nearly impossible to cash out the bonus money. The lower the so-called wagering is, the better it is for you.

Don’t be a “Bonus Abuser”

Casinos jdl688 Singapore love new customers and do everything they can to bind them. However, they don’t like bonus abusers. They want to give you a fair shot at clearing your bonus, just as you want a decent shot at winning. That is why casinos implement some extra rules to keep the bonus abusers out. One of those rules is that you cannot exceed the maximum bet while playing with bonus money. If you exceed the maximum bet, the casino may view it as a violation of the bonus terms and conditions and void all your bonus money and winnings. So you will need to know how to play casino now.

Example of bonus abuse:

If you use the bonus to play with very high stakes. When you get a big profit, you can then lower your bet to simply clear your bonus money. The maximum bet on slots is usually limited to € 5 per spin. But take a good look at the bonus conditions in advance, this can differ per casino.

Play slots with a low to medium variance

If you are a slots player and want to complete the wagering requirements of your active bonus, always choose slots with low or medium variance. Do you want to know what variance is exactly? Read more about variance and slots.

Check your progress

If you have made a nice profit and want to have your winnings paid out, first check how far you have progressed with your bonus. Usually, you can go to your account page and see how much money you can withdraw. If the number is zero, you have not cleared the bonus yet. Most casinos show you how much money you have left, so you get a good indication of when to stop and cash out your winnings.


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